Jay Olmos

Hello there!
CyberSecurity / DevSecOps / SysAdmin
with a mix of photography.

Here you can find both sides.

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Who am I?

Since I can remember I've been in love with art: cinema, photography, painting.
But also I've been in love with technology and how things work.
That's why I was a SysAdmin until 2013 when my other passion came into play.

From 2013 to 2018 I worked for my own project as a photographer: Pictob.
I went from solo to have a team of 4 photographers, the whole project was based on automation/no-code ; something better learnt in my engineering work experience.
We had clients such as UberEats Spain, Take Eat Easy, Real Madrid (theclubme agency), Pernod Ricard Spain, and several small businesses around Spain.

In 2018 I went back in the game as a SRE / DevOps / SysAdmin.

In 2022 I moved to CyberSecurity: GRC, policies, ISO27001, secOps.

One thing I learned from this changes is that creativity, problem solving skills,
coworkers and user experience are so important, no matter the business you are in.
I came back to tech because I knew the basics of how things work, but most important: I could come back because my friends in tech supported me.

What a ride!

What I like in tech

Infrastructure as Code

Automation is key. From time saving to disaster recovery practire, IaC is awesome. Also I'm a Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate


DevSecOps culture is about breaking walls and avoiding silos. I enjoy having cooperation between departments and help people to be more independent to speed up the value stream.


Feeling that your team is working fine is crucial, also to have ethics, empathy and honesty not only with them but also if you report to somebody.


Nowadays I use mostly 120mm film but here you can find a sample of my personal work and also my favourites of my contract work.

120mm film
Oxford 2019
120mm film
Oxford 2019
Paris 2017
120mm film
Oxford 2019
120mm film
Oxford 2019
Granada 2019
La Gabinoteca / Take Eat Easy
Mamá Framboise / UberEats

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